150th Mini-Grants Awarded

In support of our upcoming 150th anniversary, Missouri S&T is providing mini-grants to faculty, staff and students planning creative ways to commemorate the milestone. Ten projects were selected from 31 proposals to celebrate the anniversary from October 2020 to November 2021.

A committee appointed by the S&T 150th Advisory Committee screened applicants and, in consultation with S&T leaders, selected the awardees.

The funded projects will be official 150th anniversary events. They include:

  • Led by Dr. Audra Merfeld-Langston, the arts, languages and philosophy department will receive a $4,300 grant for Eduardo Kac to perform at S&T. Kac is a contemporary artist who combines science with artistic expression. An event date has not been set. Merfeld-Langston is chair and associate professor and arts, languages and philosophy.
  • Led by Dr. Rainer Glaser, the chemistry department will receive a $3,000 grant for Nobel Laureate M. Stanley Whittingham to present the fifth annual Stoffer Lecture in October 2020. Glaser is a professor and chair of chemistry.
  • Led by Darlene Ramsay and Amber Stienbarger, the Miner Alumni Association will receive a $2,500 grant for Boo-Palooza 2020 on Oct. 31, 2020. Ramsay is assistant vice chancellor of alumni affairs and advancement services. Stienbarger is manager and events coordinator of Hasselmann Alumni House.
  • Led by Dr. David Duvernell and Dr. David Westenberg, the biological sciences and physics departments will receive a $5,000 grant for a “STEM Fest” event in November 2020. Duvernell is chair and professor of biological sciences. Westenberg is an associate professor of biological sciences.
  • Led by Dr. Greg Hilmas and Dr. Joseph Newkirk, the materials science and engineering department will receive a $2,000 grant for an event, “150 Years of Metallurgical Engineering at Missouri S&T,” set for Nov. 5-7. Hilmas is chair of materials science and engineering and a Curators’ Distinguished Professor. Newkirk is a professor in the department.
  • Led by Taylor Gruenloh and Maddie Lechner, Alpha Psi Omega will receive a $3,000 grant to commission and perform a new play. The performance date has not been set. Gruenloh is an assistant teaching professor of arts, languages and philosophy. Lechner is a junior in engineering management and secretary of Alpha Psi Omega.
  • Led by Dr. Michael Bruening and Dr. Patrick Huber, the history and political science department will receive a $3,000 grant for a St. Pat’s celebration panel discussion in March 2021. Bruening is interim chair of history and political science and an associate professor. Huber is a professor in the department.
  • Led by Andrew Woode, the Photography Club at S&T will receive a $500 grant for a “Happy 150th formation” photo and video opportunity using drones for aerial coverage on March 6, 2021. Woode is a senior in computer engineering and president of the Photography Club.
  • Led by Dr. Audra Merfeld-Langston and Dr. David Samson, the performing arts program will receive a $3,000 grant for a cantata that will be performed in April 2021. Dr. Kyle Wernke and Taylor Gruenloh will write the cantata about Leonardo da Vinci, an innovator who combined science with the arts during the Renaissance. Samson is an assistant professor of arts, languages and philosophy, and advisor and director of bands. Wernke is an assistant teaching professor in the department.
  • Led by Lindsey Stratton and Tara Stone, TEDx Missouri S&T will receive a $1,500 grant for the TEDx event in April 2021. Stratton is a social media strategist and Stone is a user interface and experience designer, both in marking and communications. They are co-lead organizers for TEDx Missouri S&T.