Commemorative History Book

About the book

Explore the rich backstories and little-known history of Missouri S&T as you get to know this land-grant institution on an entirely new level.

Written by Dr. Larry Gragg, Curators’ Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus of history and political science, Forged in Gold tells the tale of our university’s 150-year history, from its hardscrabble “country academy” origins in the 1870s to its position today as one of the nation’s top STEM-focused research universities.

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Release date: October 2020 

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The coffee-table style book weaves iconic campus events and historical photos into a deeper appreciation for the way the campus has shaped the world, from the post-Civil War Industrial Age to the space race and beyond. 

MSM students in a lab (1911-19)
MSM students in a lab (1911-19)

Book chapters

  1. Growth of a Miner campus
  2. Miner students
  3. Miner faculty and staff
  4. Making the Miner campus more welcoming
  5. Miner social life 
  6. Miners at war
  7. Miner athletics  
  8. Miner pranks 
  9. Miner scandals
  10. Miner relations with central administration
  11. Miner impact