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Test your S&T knowledge.

Crossword Puzzle


2. This mining entrepreneur who discovered the world’s first subterranean potash has an S&T building named for him.

5. This building was named for the father-in-law of John D. Vincil, former president of the University of Missouri Board of Curators.

7. Last name of the university’s first director, who served 1871–77.

8. The first MSM alumni meeting was held at the Windsor Hotel in this city, in conjunction with the annual meeting of the American Institute of Mining Engineers.

9. In January 1903, 12 students established this, S&T’s first fraternity.


1. Eating clubs flourished on campus, starting with this one in 1902.

3. This building was named after a Rolla attorney who later served as solicitor general for the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad.

4. “First to _________ and then to do” — University of Missouri President Daniel Read in a speech about MSM’s purpose at an inauguration ceremony.

6. S&T’s first building. It still stands today and houses the university’s mathematics and statistics department.

Blank Diamond

Good with patterns? You’ll need to be to fill in the missing value.

Blank Diamond puzzle

Riddle me this

Joe Miner likes cookies but not cake. He likes mutton but not lamb, and he likes okra but not squash.

Will Joe like cherries or pears?


Eagle eyes at the ready — spot our 15 hidden words in the grid below.


  1. beam
  2. bestever
  3. engineers
  4. gear
  5. gold
  6. jackling
  7. kummer
  8. miner
  9. pickax
  10. pitch
  11. puck
  12. reaction
  13. rolla
  14. silver
  15. sliderule

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