Joe Miner with Jerry Bayless

Memories from “Mr. Miner,” Jerry Bayless

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After earning a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering in 1959, Jerry Bayless began teaching in the department…

Jack Carney Speaking to the Board of Curators

Jack Carney on the 2008 name change

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John F. “Jack” Carney, who served as chancellor at S&T between 2005 and 2011, explains his reasons for…

Mun Choi speaking on stage

First impressions: UM System President Mun Choi

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Mun Choi, who has served as president of the University of Missouri System since 2017…

Harvest Collier speaks at commencement

Harvest Collier on student success

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Harvest Collier, a professor of chemistry, served several years in the early 21st century as vice provost…

Mo Dehghani speaks at the state of the university address

Mo Dehghani: what lies ahead

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Mohammad “Mo” Dehghani, who has been chancellor at S&T since 2019, discusses what he believes…

Ron Epps

Ron Epps: getting the job at NASA

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After earning a bachelor’s degree in physics in 1967, Ron Epps began a long and illustrious career at NASA…

Martin Jischke on increasing diversity

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Martin C. Jischke, who served as chancellor at UMR between 1986 and 1991, describes the importance…

Janet Kavandi

Janet Kavandi on faculty support

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Janet Kavandi, who earned a master’s degree in chemistry in 1982, discusses the importance of…

Suzanna Long: An ‘80s alumna remembers

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Engineering management Chair Suzanna Long, who holds four degrees from the university…

Paula Lutz: leading on a male-dominated campus

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Paula Lutz, who earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry with a life science preference from UMR in 1976…