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Ron Epps

Ron Epps: getting the job at NASA

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After earning a bachelor’s degree in physics in 1967, Ron Epps began a long and illustrious career at NASA…

The fine art of tuning a Corvette

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Charlie Rusher, a 2011 graduate in mechanical engineering, “makes Corvettes sound like Corvettes.” Rusher was interviewed by The New York Times about his work with Corvette engines as a noise and vibration engineer at Chevrolet in Milford, Michigan. “I fine-tune what the engine sounds like, both inside and outside the car – I’m the composer…

One man’s WWII timeline

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Jesse Bowen, EE’49, joined the Army during peacetime and was a radio operator for B-10 bombers. Immediately after Pearl Harbor was attacked, his unit was equipped with brand new B-25 bombers and sent to Nevada for aerial gunnery training. Bowen was shipped out to England and named Group Communications Chief with the 354th Fighter Group. …

Building a legacy of mechanical engineering

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A registered professional engineer, John Toomey, who earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering in 1949 and 1951, founded both VSE Corp. and Starr Management Corp. He is a member of the Naval Institute and holds five patents for photographs, safety and missile equipment as well as a copyright on design and technical-drawing computer…

Suzanna Long: An ‘80s alumna remembers

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Engineering management Chair Suzanna Long, who holds four degrees from the university…

Solar Village people

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Before there was a Solar Village on campus, there was a sole villager. Allison Arnn graduated in 2005 with an engineering management degree. A member of the university’s very first Solar House Design Team, Arnn spent her senior year living in the house the team designed and built for the 2002 Solar Decathlon, a U.S.…

Janet Kavandi

Janet Kavandi on faculty support

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Janet Kavandi, who earned a master’s degree in chemistry in 1982, discusses the importance of…

So April. Very Fools. Many Smart. Amaze.

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We don’t always pull pranks on April Fool’s Day. But when we do, we win. So proclaimed WIRED on their Tumblr when they got word of our April 1, 2014, redo of our main website. On that day, the images on the home page were doctored by images of an internet-famous shiba inu dog —…

Leading Peru’s higher education

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After earning a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from S&T in 1980, Mariana Rodriguez returned to her native Peru to become a leader in the field of higher education. She helped found two universities and two technical institutes in the country. She first founded Cibertec, a three-year technical degree institute. In 1994, Rodriguez and partners…

Mo Dehghani speaks at the state of the university address

Mo Dehghani: what lies ahead

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Mohammad “Mo” Dehghani, who has been chancellor at S&T since 2019, discusses what he believes…